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Round Black Tablecloth

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Ideas for Dining Room Table Tablecloths & Runners
Half of the allure of a dish is in how it looks, so creating visual banquet decor is vital to serving a successful meal. Going all out to make the right statement doesn't have to involve redecorating the whole dining room. Use table runners and cloths in unexpected and creative ways to accent the flavors and textures of your food with mixtures of color and texture on your table.

Gold Round Tablecloth

Add Character to the Basics:
Buy solid tablecloths that complement the colors of the room, black tablecloths are a good choice, and add character by changing out the table runner. A simple runner in a contrasting solid color may be the perfect fit for a more casual meal, while a decorative runner with shine or metallic thread may be perfect for a formal dinner. Special runners with holiday themes give your table holiday flair without having to change out all of the linens.

Find a New Purpose:
Use a scarf, shawl, rug, sheet, sari, fabric or other textile as a tablecloth or runner for a bit of unexpected interest. Dishtowels or cloth napkins make great table runners. Place the napkins in a diagonal down the center of the table or place the dishtowels from end to end. Re-purposing fabric may bring new life to both the fabric and the room.

From the Window to the Table:
Buy an extra curtain and make a runner to tie the table to the window treatment without it being too much of a match. You could also use some of the curtain fabric to sew a border on solid color napkins to tie them to the runner.

Go for the Unexpected:
Use unexpected objects like wrapping or wallpaper, framed photographs, mirrors, cork or tiles as runners. Outdoor elements such as vines, branches, grass and shallow boxes or trays of stones could be used to create a casually elegant table. There is no rule that says that a table runner has to be made of fabric. Shop for great deals with our discount table linens.

Keep It Simple:
Use simple tonal colors for table runners and cloths on a table that has boldly-patterned dinnerware or a lot of small plates and decorations. Keep the patterns muted or use solid colors so you do not confuse the eye--one focal point per table. People need to be able to feel relaxed so they can focus on the food and conversation too.
Butterfly-Inspired Ideas For a Spring-Themed Wedding

One of the most enchanting ideas to decorate a spring wedding is to use butterflies. These always fantasied the human race! So, if you are looking for a perfect symbol of love for your spring wedding, you might want to consider butterfly-inspired wedding supplies and accessories, which will pull of such lovely theme that you and your guests would really enjoy.

Once you have decided to go for a spring themed wedding, it opens the door for a lot many beautiful, creative ideas to incorporate.

Let us start in your wedding invitations. When you are planning a theme-based wedding, it is ideal to come up with an invitation that reflects the theme of your wedding. Since you are planning a spring themed wedding and you want to incorporate lots of butterflies in it, therefore your invitations must be adorned with elegant butterfly images as well. There are lots of wedding invitations in different themes that are available to purchase, or you can make them yourself. If you have enough time, making your butterfly-inspired invitations can really be a lot fun, not to mention you are including your own personal touches to the cards. There are also free invitation templates that you can easily download from a website. They usually come in lots of choices to choose from. Another great idea to incorporate on your butterfly-inspired invites is a beautiful quote about butterflies.

Secondly, you want to incorporate the theme to your decorations. Decorating a wedding is truly a necessary thing to do, especially if it is a theme-based one. A butterfly theme can be seen on all the table decorations that you may want to consider such as card holders, tablecloth, centerpieces, and wedding favors. Some of the beautiful ideas to enhance the look of the reception tables is to incorporate artificial butterflies to your floral centerpieces. Or if you want to create a floating centerpiece, use butterfly-shaped floating candles instead of traditional tea candles. Tall candles and even votive ones can also be used to decorate the tables, wrapped in satin ribbon and adorned with some butterfly charms. You can find tablecloth and chair covers with butterfly prints. These are perfect to decorate the tabletop and chairs of the guests.

Third, you want to incorporate the theme to your wedding favors. These little tokens will serve as the memorabilia of your wedding. You can find lots of butterfly-inspired wedding favors such as butterflies-shaped key chains, bookmarks, picture frames, card holders, wine stoppers, cookie cutters, bottle openers, and a lot more. If you want to make your own homemade edible wedding favors, you can also make them in a shape of a butterfly. Cookies and chocolates are two edible ideas that you can easily cut into a cute butterfly shape. To further enhance the look of your wedding favors, you may consider attaching a card, tag, or sticker embellished with some butterfly images.

You can purchase these theme-based wedding supplies from your favorite online store. Today, you don't need to go outside and shop at a local department store or mall just to get all you need for your wedding. By simple surfing the net, you can find a wide variety of wedding programs, decorations, wedding favors, and other things you need to create a unique wedding of a lifetime.

Centerpiece Ideas To Make Your Wedding Special

Are you getting married? Have you realized just how much everything is going to cost? It can be scary, but let me help you at least cut the budget down for your wedding centerpiece, with these unique centerpiece ideas.

The best way to cut the cost is to make them yourself. You could pay someone to make any of these but you will save a lot of money just doing them yourself. If you think you don't have time, then call family and friends to help. A great way to do it is buy the stuff and then have a girls day on Saturday where you feed them, or potluck it and everyone helps put the centerpieces together.

Now that you know how you will accomplish making your own, well getting help *cough cough.* Let's go over some of the do it yourself, crafty centerpiece ideas you need.

This first one is perfect for a dark set wedding. Any black, velvet red, midnight blue, or other deep color tablecloth would go fantastic with this. The best part about it is that it is extremely cheap. Just go outside and gather up anything you can find, wood, twigs, leaves, rocks, etc. Then spray them with metallic silver paint, If you can find one with glitter that would even be better. Once they've dried you can just keep it all and arrange the stuff on the tables the day of, or you can arrange everything together and glue it.

If you are really looking to cut the budget then why not completely do away with the centerpiece? Okay so you can't just not have one, but why not put something there that may be somewhere else, like refreshments or desserts. I've seen couples who have put tiered platters in the center and then filled it with mini sandwiches or little bite size treats.

Another of many inexpensive centerpiece ideas would be mason jars. Yup use mason jars instead of vases, but don't just use the mason jar, class it up a bit. Vases are beautiful but can be a huge dent on you budget, but you can purchase boxes of mason jars for a fraction of the cost and then wrap them in tissue paper and fill them up. You can put flowers in them or get more creative with sand and a little shovel.

I hope these centerpiece ideas have helped you in cutting down that monstrous wedding budget of yours and congratulations on the upcoming nuptials.

Choosing Bridal Shower Invitation Themes

Bridal showers are no longer restricted to traditional teas or sedate afternoon gatherings, and modern brides and bridesmaids can use their creativity to choose an offbeat theme. Consider today's popular bridal shower themes that will get guests in the mood to celebrate.

Luau Bridal Shower Theme

A luau theme is perfect for a summer bridal shower or for a bride whose honeymoon destination is tropical. To set the tone, select bridal shower invitations that reflect a tropical mood, such as a turquoise background with a vibrant hibiscus flower border.

You can welcome guests with leis and invite them to wear tropical colors. If you have the outdoor space, consider hosting the bridal shower beneath colorful umbrellas, with the food tables covered in deep pink tablecloths and strewn with flowers.

Wild West Bridal Shower Theme

Whether the bride-to-be is from the west or just loves John Wayne movies, consider a western theme. You could send Wild West bridal shower invitations asking guests wear western attire. Or you might choose invitations featuring a cowgirl on a horse swinging a lasso that contains the bridal shower invitation wording.

You can also consider inviting guests on a trail ride at a local farm offering horseback riding for private parties. For a more budget-friendly affair, you could invite guests to a Wild West backyard barbeque. The future bride could wear a sheriff's star and a colorful cowgirl hat to set the tone.

Sophisticated Cocktail Theme

For a more intimate and formal bridal shower, you might consider a cocktail theme and ask guests to dress up and prepare for a cocktail party or an elegant dinner. You could send black bridal shower invitations with shimmering champagne glasses doused in white glitter to denote the formality of an evening shower. Then, depending on the number of guests, you might hire a limo to drive everyone to a fancy restaurant where you laugh and toast the bride-to-be over a sumptuous dinner.

Roses are Red Theme

The underlying theme of most weddings is love, which could lead to a roses are red romantic bridal shower theme. Your bridal shower invitations could be deep red and shaped like a heart, preparing guests for a sappy, romantic shower. You could watch a romantic comedy, share romantic stories about the bride and her fiancé, and gorge on dark chocolate and champagne, all the while surrounded by bouquets of red roses and carnations.

Indulgent Spa Theme
What future bride couldn't use a day of relaxation and pampering to help ease the stress of planning her wedding? A spa theme is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the company of good friends. You could send ivory bridal shower invitations showing a girl in a fluffy robe, inviting guests to a spa shower. Many spas will offer package deals, giving you the freedom to choose as little or as long an event as you please. After the pampering, you might gather at a local restaurant for a post-spa meal or head to someone's home to continue the fun.

There are almost limitless possibilities for choosing a bridal shower theme. Just have fun and select a theme that matches the bride's personality for a shower no one will soon forget.

Choosing Silver for Your 25th Birthday Party Invitations

Your 25th birthday should be celebrated in style, denoting a quarter century milestone. Steal a page from the 25th anniversary playbook and make silver your signature birthday color.

Why Choose Silver Birthday Party Invitations?

Silver is a versatile metal that is used on casual jewelry, as well as formal silverware, serving ware and picture frames. For these reasons, it is also a versatile color that can signify a formal or casual gathering, making it a perfect choice for 25th birthday party invitations.

Your 25th birthday is the quarter-century anniversary of your birth, and stretching the silver anniversary theme to include your birthday puts a fun twist on the theme.

Selecting 25th Birthday Party Invitations

If you decide to have a silver celebration, it's essential that you prominently display this on the 25th birthday party invitation. This will allow guests to dress appropriately, as well as perhaps silver-themed presents for your celebration.

Silver birthday party invitations do exist apart from anniversary invitations, ensuring that your choices will not be limited. You could choose to print your 25th birthday party invitations on silver paper with black lettering, mailed in a black envelope with silver foil lining, especially for a more formal gathering like a cocktail party. A casual silver birthday party invitation could have a colored background, such as light turquoise or dark green, combined with silver lettering and accents like a silver striped border.

Planning a Silvery 25th Birthday Bash

If you want to host a large party, you might consider an outdoor party or renting a venue to hold a large group. If you choose to host your party outdoors, this doesn't mean the party must be casual, depending on time of day and the setting you create. You could set up a sheer silver tent, either renting one or draping silver fabric over poles secured in the ground. Then set up tables beneath with silver tablecloths and silver candelabras holding ivory tapers. The party time should be in the evening, creating an elegant ambiance and the perfect setting for a delicious dinner beneath the stars.

If you decide to rent a venue, lay silver tablecloths, whether you'll have a sit-down meal, buffet, or drinks and dessert only, and use silver urns to house flower arrangements. If you'll have the party catered, request silver-rimmed plates to match your theme. To set the tone before the party, you could send a tri-fold 25th birthday party invitation with a glittering champagne glass on the front and words "25th birthday party" embossed across the front.

If you want to host a fun party with silver accents and your birthday takes place during a warm month, consider a pool party. You could sport a silver bathing suit, and if you'll play water games, could buy a silver volleyball to tie in with your theme. Your 25th birthday party invitations could be aqua or light blue and have pool party printed in bold silver lettering.

Don't think you have to wait for your 25th anniversary to host a silver-inspired party! Go ahead and apply it to your 25th birthday and send silver birthday party invitations to announce a stylish party guaranteed to shine.

Colors That Add a Splash to Your Wedding Day

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding can be a tough decision, and is often the source of great worry for brides to be. The color you pick will set the tone and style for the entire day, and while the majority of brides will stick with white or cream for their own dresses, choosing a color for the bridesmaids, flowers, ties for the groom and ushers and even tableware is not as easy as it seems.

There are many things to consider when deciding on the color theme, and the time of year will play a big role. Yellows and pinks are great for spring weddings, while traditionally dark green and reds are often better suited to a winter wedding.

The wedding venue should also be taken into consideration, and you should always choose colors that complement the setting, the carpet, walls and decoration. Also, think about what mood you want to create. Soft colors can evoke a traditional, romantic atmosphere, while bold colors can add a modern, dramatic twist.

Brides should also think about the color they want their bridesmaids to wear as this will influence the rest of the theme. While you may have your heart set on a pink wedding, if your bridesmaids aren't happy wearing this, or if it doesn't suit them, then you may have to reconsider.

When you have decided on the color of your wedding, what's the best way of working this into your big day? This is normally done through your choice of flowers and in your bridesmaids dresses, but you should also consider your table decorations, chair covers and favours. Think about the color of your wedding cake, or dress up a plain white cake with flowers or a ribbon in your chosen color. You could swap plain white napkins with colored versions, or go even further by choosing table linen to match your scheme.

Wedding colors are like all fashions - what is hot one year may not be the following. In 2011 royal and cobalt blue were trending and this continued into last year with bright and deep blues popular and navy growing in popularity. Purple and red were also top trends in 2012, and black and white were favourable with brides.

So what about for 2013? Last year experts predicted grey and silver would be big in 2013, but when one of the leading wedding venues in Essex, asked its 2013/2014 brides what color their bridesmaids will be wearing, the overwhelming majority said pink and purple were the colors of choice. Blue was still popular, and neutral colors such as champagne, mink and cream were also trending.

Whatever scheme it is you choose, pick wisely. The color you decide on will influence your bridesmaids' dresses, napkins and even your wedding favours – go with what you feel comfortable with and use subtle splashes throughout your entire day.

Contemporary Wedding Reception Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Wedding budgets are the burden of even the most planning-savvy betrothed, and can be the cause of extreme post-wedding friction. As if those jitters weren't enough to contend with! When money is significantly tight, it's hard to envisage the day of your dreams, when you have to forgo many great wedding reception ideas in favour of cheap alternatives.

In addition to down-sizing, you could also be risking the calibre of service provider professionalism, should you go down the route of seeking out the cheapest wedding services on the market. With a little inventiveness and flexibility, your wedding reception needn't mean forking out thousands for wedding services – although we don't recommend dispensing with them completely.

Vogue Venue Ideas

Why pay through the nose for a country mansion banqueting hall, when you could host your wedding reception aboard a party boat? Think mini-cruise vessel, as opposed to house boat and you're on the right track. With the capacity for anywhere between 40-200 people there'll be acres of space, plus most operators tend to charge a flat hire fee, or offer a combination package inclusive of catering.

Other contemporary wedding reception ideas for halving those wedding venue costs include outdoor receptions. Marquee hire isn't as expensive as you think, and are a feasible option for even the colder months, while there are also a plethora of semi-rural pubs and inns who now offer exterior dining areas, with weather-proof awnings.

Contemporary Catering Concepts.

Is your shortlist of catering and beverage companies quoting almost four figures to cover your reception? It could be time to ditch the wedding services of niche caterers, and opt for an all-inclusive company who will take care of everything from the bar, to the banquet. As the requirements for wedding catering have evolved in recent years from formal dining, to finger buffets, a host of companies have cropped up who specialise in every aspect of food and beverage wedding services. Some even offer ready-made packages, so you can easily opt for the one that suits the size of your wedding party.

Say It With...Paper Flowers

If there's one thing guaranteed to shave a few notes off your budget, it's the floral arrangements. If you've opted to utilise a local authority space, such as a community centre or town hall, decorating it to the max might be a necessity. In which case, paper flowers are the perfect solution. There is an increasing quantity of paper flower specialists lending their creativity to decorative wedding reception ideas. Some creating the handmade decorations themselves, while others import them from paper-craft experts in Japan. For up to a quarter of your traditional florist's quote, you could have an entire hall kitted out with lavish handmade blooms.

Avoid Going Broke, Opt For Bespoke.

Ever striving to outdo the friend or relative who made it up the aisle before them, todays brides-to-be are hunting for way to really customise their day – without going overboard financially. Bespoke wedding services, ranging from tailors and sewing-machinists, to prop and décor specialists could be the ideal choice if you're intent on pursuing something that little bit different.

"Bespoke" effectively means personalised, however the term is also used by craft, gift and theme specialists to describe their handmade wares, or artistic services, that can be arranged/ designed to suit your brief. Many bespoke crafters actually start within the wedding industry, to assist in building a portfolio for bigger "fish". So, if you don't have the budget for silk chair linens, fancy tablecloths or even the centre decorations, bespoke wedding services/ service providers could be the more affordable solution!


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